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Serving Breakfast Cuisine in Glendale


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I placed an order and then realized I forgot to say that I wanted my coffee black, so I called right after I placed it. While I was on the phone, I decided to ask if I could sub salad with no dressing for the home fries and toast with my omelette. Even though it was an odd hour (10:30 am on a tuesday), the restaurant sounded busy, the guy on the phone was a non-native english speaker and we both kept asking each other to repeat things, and the connection kept cutting out. I was not very confident my changes would make it through correctly.

Much to my surprise, my doorbell rang 15 mins later and the delivery guy brought me my order exactly as I requested. Super fast and accurate, and there was no extra charge for the salad. It even had kalamata olives, pretty nice! This place is great.


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Delivery was on time and the food was delicious. The steak was cooked perfectly and the potatoes skins were nice and crispy. Its one of my fav restaurants.


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I actually like this effin place, I dont know what everyone is complaining about. Ive had the ribs and bacon cheeseburger and its amazing. I like it.


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Best salad and smoothie that Ive had in a while! Really glad that I decided to order from this restaurant, it was definitely worth the money.


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Everything was delicious! I loved the grilled cheese with tomato and bacon. Brought back memories. Lol the smoothies are top notch too

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One of my go to local places! Quality diner food, not a luxe dining experience but thats not what you expect (and if you do thats a you problem). They used canned corned beef hash like almost every restaurant in NYC but make it tasty enough. (Almost always get the corned beef hash benedict.) They take your requests into consideration! Ive asked for everything bagels (because theres no option to chose any specific kind) and theyve provided. :) Delivery friendly too. Apparently theres some sort of maple syrup issue? But I have my own canadian maple syrup at home and side step this entirely haha


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I order from here almost every time I get takeout. It's always good, whether it's breakfast or dinner! You really get quality great tasting food and you can tell there's effort put into the way they package things. Not once have I had a bad experience here- and let me tell you their fruit plates are always fresh and delicious!
Love this place, 5 stars!


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Besides the Mac n cheese (it wasnt bad Im just picky) I love their food. The best comfort food. Their chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite. Even their burgers are good. Whenever Im home sick or on my period or being a grouch I order from this place


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The food is pretty tasty, but most of all consistent. I hate ordering the same dish the next or following day and after my first time, it tastes horrible. They are pretty on time and consistent, just the portions can be a but more of you ask me.


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I was hesitant to order seeing all the recent 1-star reviews- but Im glad I did! The food was on time, hot, and delicious. Delivery guy was friendly also. Will order from again

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